Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Welcome to April

I feel like we're in the home stretch now.

It's April 1st. It can't be cold, rainy, snowy, and windy forever here in Boston.

The days are longer. When I leave the office, it's usually light outside, and easier to avoid plowing into the jaywalkers scurrying across Clarendon St.

Warmer weather expands my condo by over 10%, as I reclaim my deck for use beyond storing a recycling bin and the occasional bag of Rosie's gifts back to the earth (until trash day).

Outdoor seating returns. Colorful outdoors plants thrive. Scents of outdoor cooking waft in the air.

But we're still not in the clear. When it's bright and sunny, it's still deceptively cold and breezy (this past Sunday, for example). When it's not bright and sunny, it's grey and rainy (yesterday, for example).

April is indeed the month that Bostonians begin to remove their parkas and hug the outdoors. Baseball is back, and the marathon is later this month.

Most importantly - full-on street cleaning resumes today! Finally!

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