Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday in Seattle

After a quick stop at Best Buy to pick up a new GPS charger, we drove here - Deception Pass. It is at the North end of Whidbey Island, the fifth largest island in the contiguous 48 states.

The bridge at Deception Pass was a two-lane road with pedestrian walkways on either side and stunning views. Walking across the first time wasn't much on an issue for me, but walking back to the car, all I could think of is "wow, this path is narrow, and this bridge is quite high, and these cars are very close to me." For some reason, I kept thinking about walking across unsturdy rope-bridges across ravines in movies like Romancing the Stone.

I did not fall, nor die.

We continued south on Whidbey Island, and found our way to a campgrounds / beach area that is clearly much more frequented by locals in warmer weather, given the size of the empty parking lot. By now, the temperature had warmed up to about 50, and the sun was out. The smells and scenery were excellent, not, however, affirmed by this photo of a rock. Climbing down from this rock, I stepped in some water and had a wet right shoe and sock for a couple hours afterward.

The birds looked innocuous, but I suspected that they were plotting. I always suspect groups of animals are cooking up some devious scheme when they find man in a weakened state (my wet shoe / foot).

Eventually, we made it to the ferry terminal in Clinton, for the car ferry ride back to the "mainland." The ferry brought us to Mukilteo. I am again assuming that our trip to Whidbey Island was during the off-season, as we passed signs in Clinton indicating the approximate wait time to make it to the ferry gates from specific checkpoints along the highway (the first of which was "90 minutes"). We had no wait.
From there, we searched for food. We ended up in Bellevue, just east of Seattle across the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. Bellevue has some serious cash - everything looks new, all of the upscale retailers are there, and there are tons of high-rises going in. We ate at the Tap House Grill, which has just two locations (Bellevue and Seattle). I would love for a place like this to come to Boston. Great menu, cool decor, and 160 beers on tap.
As dinner was more of a super late lunch, we still had some time before sunset. We ended up driving around Queen Anne, an expensive neighborhood with large homes, manicured properties, and excellent views of the Seattle skyline. I wanted to make it to the water for some sunset / evening photos, but we missed much of the sunset driving back to the hotel and parking. We did make it to the waterfront, though, and I took a few shots of Quest Field.

We will be going here a bit later this morning.

And then here soon thereafter (Pike Place opens at 1pm on Sundays)

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