Saturday, March 08, 2008

Woke Up in Seattle

So, I'm in Seattle this morning.

I flew out last night after work on jetBlue, not without some moments of frenzy (an unnecessary 45 minute drive home from Kenmore, a scramble to find a taxi, and an unexpectedly long wait at security - so much so that they called out passengers on my flight and moved us through a quicker line).

Unfortunately, the live DirecTV wasn't working on the plane yesterday (total bummer), but they gave us the few movies for free as an uneven compromise. Good thing one of the movies was the excellent Juno, which I hadn't seen yet. Great story, great soundtrack. And after the movie, two red wines and the thin air of the airplane, I was in a happier, drowsy place. It would have been smart to have remembered to bring the neck pillow that I purchased for my flight to Italy last fall. It probably would have avoided the airplane seat head-bob.

After picking up the rental car, I powered up Jill (the GPS), and realized that she wasn't charging correctly. Well, my car adapter appears to be broken. Lovely. It does explain the small metal ring that I found in my car on Thursday night - it appears to be a necessary part of the charger that actually allows it to work. Unfortunately, that piece is in Boston, and I am not.

There are a couple Best Buys nearby, and according to their websites, they carry replacement car chargers.

So, my last trip here in 2004 was on Continental (no DirecTV) and without a GPS. How did I ever survive it??

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