Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back from Vegas

We made it back alive from Las Vegas. The redeye isn't a terrible idea, actually. It's a bit luck of the draw with passengers on the plane, though. I had the pleasure of sitting next to some teenage or 20-something girl who would not stop wriggling around, banging the arm rest, and pushing her knees into my small leg space. Her dad was next to her, and at one point, she was propped up against him, angled toward me. I almost pounded on her foot but refrained.

The drawback to the redeye is the cramped neck I'm now left with, which is a bit of a bummer because I splurged for an hour massage yesterday. The Spa at MGM was just OK, I've been to much nicer at some of the other casinos.

I had a fight upon checkout. Not worth the trouble of a full story here, but the front desk attendant (or manager, so he claimed) did not budge on the two egregious errors on my folio. As I didn't book the room, I'm encouraging our front office to stop payment on the charge, or, in a more sensical approach, call our sales contact at the hotel to get the matters straightened out. It's tough when you have no status with a property, didn't book the room yourself, and are simply one of 3,000 people checking out that day. Grrr.

The war of words put me in the wrong mindset for a round of poker, but I was able to forge through my final $40 all-in, double up with a set of 5's, and eventually and turn it into $390, I believe. It certainly helps when you're holding pocket Aces and you're re-raised all in before the flop by someone holding pocket Kings. That was a nice situation to be in.

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