Friday, April 18, 2008

Last Day in Vegas

Well, the actual NAB convention was quite a sight. I expected more of a focus on the actual idea side of content creation, for some reason. Instead, the convention floor was all equipment, technical, software, and hardware. Still, a great experience to better understand what the convention was all about. I'm amazed at some of the booths that were constructed. It's almost like the ice hotels that pop up in the winter time. One minute, nothing there...then a hotel....then it's gone.

Last night, we ate at Nobu, an excellent Japanese fusion restaurant at the Hard Rock. Ten of us were there, and I don't want to guess at the tab. We basically had them keep bringing us food for the table, and it eventually ended with a bill.

Just a few more hours to tool around Vegas tonight until our flight. Somehow I was dragged to the craps tables a few night ago, and my quick disposal of $100 reminded me of why I only play poker these days.

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