Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gym Billing and Accessorizing Issues

I extended my Sunday workout into a trip the gym that mistakenly canceled my membership recently. It appears that all of the billing issues still haven't been cleared for some odd reason, given the letter I received from Gold's Gym's billing service this past week, and the front desk attendant stopping me not just on this visit, but on the last one as well, mentioning that my billing info was not up-to-date.

It appears that my phone call to the billing service, and my providing a new expiration date during my last visit were not sufficient. Perhaps I should pin my credit card number and expiration date to my shirt when I go back tomorrow?

Nonetheless, it occurred to me during this workout that I am not coordinating my outfit with my nalgene water bottle correctly. I know this sounds odd and trivial, but I have this Under Armour t-shirt with the name of my high school emblazoned across it. And I usually carry a water bottle with my college's name on it.

Granted, I haven't attended either institution in over a decade, but that's just about all the schooling on my resume, and I am incredibly proud of both.

I just shouldn't be proud of both at the same time...and at the gym.

I do have a second plain-blue nalgene water bottle. I'll have to bring that one when I wear the high school shirt, and can carry the other when I'm wearing other garb.

Working out is way too complicated.

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Anonymous said...

Skip the gym and do the wii workout.