Saturday, April 26, 2008

Keeping the Nalgene

I forgot how in came up in conversation. but this morning, I had a passing recollection of hearing how my Nalgene bottles are toxic.

I didn't understand how that could be true, but then did a bit of searching this morning to confirm that the company itself is "phasing out" the production of consumer bottle containing BPA.

Thanks to our neighbors up north for discovering this.

It appears, though, that I don't have to go tossing out my Nalgene bottles with such fury and speed. It seems to be fine as long as I don't mix and boiling or hot water inside the bottle and give the resulting formula to an infant.

Given that I didn't plan to do that any time soon, onward with the Nalgene.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Being that I have a wealth of useless knowledge, I am the one who told you about this.

I still think that you should throw your Nalgene away, and go with the traditional plastic bottle.

Is Brown to pretentious that they do not produce plastic bottles with the school emblem? HAHA J/K