Friday, April 25, 2008

Finding Her Voice

Rosie has been barking a lot more recently. Her barks, however, have not been indiscriminate. On occasion, we're out for a walk, and she will see another dog that causes her to say something. Not all dogs, but simply a select few. Perhaps they are planning book club.

More often, Rosie has woken me at some inappropriate hour (1:30am, 3am, 4am, etc) to let out a few barks / freak outs. I have been sleeping with the bedroom window open a crack, and have kept the shades raised by about the same height. Rosie has taken to staring out the window from her bed (check that, MY bed...but who am I fooling now), simply surveying the land.

Usually when she spots something worthy of her ferocious chatter, she jumps up in bed and lets out a few well-timed barks. I don't believe she's targeting burglars, drug deals, or other mean dogs. She doesn't seem to do this during the daylight hours, so her night vision could play into this equation as well.

But I wonder if the entire time I'm in bed sleeping, she's now awake staring. Perhaps my raising the window shade has created such a paranoid infatuation of Rosie that she sleeps all day and monitors all night.

I'm assuming that a simple solution will be sleeping with the shades down.

1 comment:

r. said...

its probably ghosts... does she ever sit staring at the ceiling?