Monday, April 21, 2008

The Lion-Dog

Rosie has been a bit jump-ity on here evening walks of late.

A couple weeks ago, we were walking along a nearby block upon which we must never have walked before.

We were walking along on the sidewalk, me minding nothing in particular, Rosie sniffing just about everything, as usual.

We came about 50 feet from what Rosie thought was another dog. The dog was seated alongside a few steps, and well-behaved. In fact, the dog's sibling was also seated beside those steps on the other side.

Only problem? They were decorative dog statues.

Rosie surveyed the dogs carefully, but for some reason wanted NO part of them. Usually she sees other dogs and wants to go say hello.

These dogs must have been too well behaved. She ran out into the street and began barking at them, but never approached them.

Fast forward to today. We're walking back from the usual bathroom area. As we walked by a dark home undergoing external improvements, a large black dog suddenly popped its entire from half of its body out an open first-floor window, and let out a ferocious growl directed at both of us, described as nothing short of a lion's roar.

I'm not sure who jumped and scurried away faster, Rosie or me.

Needless to say, the short walk back to my home was swift.

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