Monday, April 28, 2008

Omnibot 2000 - Blast From My Past

Oh, Omnibot 2000. Robot of my past. A 1980's view of the future. And a toy sitting in my parents' basement.

Why am I suddenly thinking about the Omnibot 2000?

I'm catching up on a few weeks of shows in the DVR, and knocked out a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother last night.

There is a recurring story arc about Robin, one of the main characters. Apparently, as a teenager, she was a Canadian pop star from the late 80's named "Robin Sparkles." When this was revealed on a past episode, her friends dug up the previously unknown-to-them video of her hit "Let's Go To The Mall."

So funny. Screams of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.

Well, the episode that I just watched suggested that a second video existed. They showed part of it, and then flashed a MySpace page for Robin Sparkles.

When I landed at that URL, I saw this photo of Robin, denim jacket and all, dancing up behind an Omnibot 2000.

I received Omnibot 2000 as a Christmas gift one year. It appears that the story behind the gift is a mad dash by my father to every electronics store in Rockland and Bergen counties, until he finally found one in The Bronx. Oddly enough, he was not under duress from my mother to find it for me, but rather made it a person mission after he could not locate one in the first few stores he checked.

We were still 10-15 years away from major e-commerce websites, which would have been a much easier solution had it been available.

I remember one of Omnibot 2000's major cool functions was its ability to pour drinks from a can and serve them on its tray. Of course, that involved setting up Omnibot 2000 with a soda can and cups, and then directing it from its remote control.

A bit of a process, but cool nonetheless.

I should dig up Omnibot 2000 and bring him up to Boston. He could keep Rosie company while I'm at work.

On second thought, given the fact that the vacuum cleaner freaks her out, I would guess that if a robot's yellow eyes started lighting up, and it started rolling her way, she would majorly freak out.

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