Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Pigeon Egg

There were only a few of us in the office today, and since it was a 2PM start for Red Sox Opening Day at Fenway, we decided to leave after 4PM to beat the double-whammy of an exiting Sox game and rush hour traffic.

I arrived home to be greeted by two things.

#1 - No dog. It's a bit odd for Rosie not to be here when I get home. It's not like she's out at work or running errands or anything. I'm assuming she is out with the walker right now, as her leash is missing too.

#2 - This pigeon egg. Yes, I destroyed the nest, but sure enough, they laid an egg right where the nest was just a few days ago. I knew they were up to something.

I had a momentary moral dilemma. Now that the egg is there, do I let it hatch and run its course? I searched online for some info about the hatching and weaning period, and found this:

"It takes 18 days for Pigeons to hatch, however, they are not anything like chickens and some other fowl. They hatch completely blind and helpless and require 24/7 care for the first 2-3 weeks."

Case closed. No way, absolutely not. There's already too much bird crap all over my deck, and too many pigeons here in the city anyway. We don't need more crap, nor more pigeons.

In a fit of rage, I swept the egg off my deck, and it smashed to the ground. The parents were looking on as I killed the product of their love.

It sounds so callous, but let this be a message, pigeons. Don't crap on my deck.

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Anonymous said...

!! What a waste!! Should have make it into a healthy high protein snack (boiled pigeon egg or little pigeon egg omelette) for Rosie!