Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What the F-16's were doing before the Fenway flyover

It's rare that F-16's fly over my head.

Usually when they do I'm at a sporting event, and always wonder "wow, how did they time that perfectly," and "where did they come from?"

I suppose this is the second time they have flown over my head in 2008, the first being at Super Bowl XLII. Unfortunately, the University of Phoenix Stadium's roof was closed, and we fans on the inside saw nothing.

Well today after lunch, we walked up to our building's roof for the flyover. My co-worker spotted the four F-16's in formation, circling over Cambridge. We saw them do a few loops in the distance before they took a beeline across the Charles River, directly toward us.

I almost took cover.

Somewhere over the Charles, one of the four seemed to break formation, begin doing loops and flying sideways. We figure he's the class clown of the bunch, the Top Gun Maverick, if you will.


Matthew said...

Hi Jason.

The 4 F-16's that did the flyover flew in directly from Hansom AFB in Bedford. The F-16's are from the 158th Air Wing in VT. They took off from Hanscom appoximately :15 prior to the scheduled flyover...did a circle over Cambridge, then proceeded with the flyover and flew back to VT.

Anonymous said...

They were actually four f-15's and they were from Barnes Air National Guard in Westfield, MA.