Sunday, April 06, 2008

Unwanted Guests

Unfortunately, destroying a nest will not be the cure-all to my pigeon problem.

They seem to have taken overnight refuge in the cross beam supporting my upstairs neighbor's deck. I suppose birds have to sleep somewhere. I would prefer not to have them here.

This morning, I walked out onto the deck, and saw one of them hanging out in the corner where the nest is no longer.

I also saw my next-door neighbor on her second floor deck (new folks moved in, and seem to keep the shades drawn more often than not....probably a good sign, based on the history of past tenants).

She and I had a brief chat about the pigeons, and she recommended I get either a fake owl to put up on the beam, or some wire netting (as she has). I never noticed their wire netting, but think it's a good idea As is the owl - I do recall having seen many fake owls on rooftops when I was on my building's roof last year.
So, it's back to Home Depot later today. Now that I have ordered my cabinets, I am predicting a number of Home Depot runs over the next few months.


The Fuz said...

Or you could just shoot them with a BB any bored kids in the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Get Rosie a friend...a cat...leave it outside for a night. Birds gone.

Jason said...

Unfortunately, I'm highly allergic to cats, so a feline friend would chase away the birds, kill me, and leave me place for the cat and Rosie.

A BB gun, however....tempting.

AvianMaven said...

You don't have to kill them...invest in a commercial bird deterrent. A visual deterrent, or spikes maybe a good option. Check out

Jason said...

Actually, maven, I didn't plan to kill them (though did kick their egg over the side...). I ordered spikes and an owl last weekend, and the spikes have already arrived. I'm planning to install them later today! Glad I'm thinking along the right lines!