Monday, May 19, 2008

Bizarre Dream from the 80's

So my dream last night was quite bizarre and chock-full of 80's TV characters!

I didn't realize this, but the owners of our present office building were having a benefit on what I believed was a typical day at the office.

I happened to wander around the pathways and gardens behind our building (pathways and gardens which do not actually exist), and I stumbled across Betty White and Rue McClanahan who were walking somewhere together.

I fumbled for words but somehow came out with "You're...the two....yeah!"

I followed them into the auditorium where a fund raiser was underway.

At the auction table, I met Joanna Kerns and Judith Light. I kept calling Joanna Kerns "Maggie Seaver," to which she responded but didn't seem thrilled. Soon after Alan Thicke walked over.

It's not like I have been watching 80's sitcoms all that much lately.

And I do find it odd that all of the characters in my dream were in parental (or grand parental) roles.

What does this mean?

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