Monday, May 19, 2008

Four Tet - Everything Is Alright

I definitely have been listening to NPR too much these days. But I do find it cathartic, informative, and addictive.

There's a show called "On Point" with Tom Ashbrook, which is broadcast in the mid-morning and replayed again at 7PM, which is the broadcast I usually catch when I hear the show. I believe its station of origin is 90.9 WBUR right here in Boston, but it's also syndicated nationally.

This song - "Everything is Alright" by Four Tet - is its theme music.

I had NO IDEA until I was surfing around itunes this evening and stumbled into an iMix called "Indie Electronic." A bunch of the songs were tracks I had downloaded (Hot Chip, MIA, Justice, LCD Soundsystem) so I figured I would listen to the hooks of the other songs recommended, most of which were by artists I had never heard before.

I click on Four Tet and almost jumped out of my chair - it was the NPR song! I just finished listening to the show during dinner, and then randomly found the song they use going into and out of local breaks. How coincidental!

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty badass. I too am addicted to NPR and OnPoint. I feel as though I would have liked "everything will be alright" more if I wasn't expecting to hear the cool relaxing voice of Tom Ashbrook cut in and enlighten me. It's hard to separate the two arts. But more importantly I think it's interesting that a show which often has controversial topics or debates starts and ends with a song titled Everything Will Be Alright. Pretty cool.
BTW I was searching randomly and found your page, if you're wondering.