Thursday, May 01, 2008

Digging my MacBook Pro

I am totally digging this MacBook Pro - I think I need just a few more days with it before I'm entirely comfortable with the differences between this and a Windows-based machine.

The quick keys are intuitive and easy to remember (where's my bookmarks? Oh, Command-B. Need a new browser tab? Command-T. Cut/copy/paste? Command-X-C-V... just like windows). The lack of a right mouse button is still a bit weird to me, but I am quickly remembering that Control-Click is the way to go.

One of the most awesome design features is that the keyboard illuminates in darker environments. What a simple yet useful idea - backlight the keys and the characters on the keys. No I can computer in pitch black and save on my energy bill.

This laptop is also super fast, and will make my work much more efficient. My Dell had reached such a snail's pace that I was ready to throw it over the balcony had our office's ceiling not permitted the rain to fall onto my desk.

Once my data is fully integrated, I'll be thrilled. There are some frustrating elements of the data migration, such as MS Entourage not allowing for simple integration of a .pst file from MS Outlook. I believe there's an add-on which we're going to purchase today.

For now, I have a few projects I must forge through today and tomorrow.

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