Thursday, May 01, 2008

Southie Wild Turkey

I completely forgot to mention this during my post about the sweaty bus/T ride to work on Tuesday, but on the #11 bus, driving up Dorchester St., we were halted for about 15 seconds by a giant wild turkey making its way across the street. I seem to recall half-standing up from my seat, and pointing at the turkey for all who cared to be roused from their ipods, which was likely nobody.

I swear I read a mention of a Southie wild turkey on Universal Hub, but can't seem to find that posting now.

Nonetheless, I have no photo, as I was seated toward the rear of the bus, perspiring profusely. People behind me were probably wondering "who is this sweaty crazy guy pointing at an alleged turkey in Southie?"


Stacey said...

Tag - you're it! (no worries if you don't feel like doing it, though) ;)

Adam Gaffin said...

Gobble, gobble, hey! I originally linked to this Herald item and photo.

Rich said...

I came across a wild turkey on my way to work on Tuesday in the Longwood medical area. I could not believe my eyes.