Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Final Tuesday in Kenmore

This is our final week in Kenmore, as our office is moving to the South Shore Plaza environs. I'm still unsure of the official address and whether or not it's technically in Braintree or Quincy. Nonetheless, it's south of here right near I-93, and I've been there once before.

Rather than fill this week with rants about the subtle nuances that made working in Kenmore irritating, perhaps I should remain on the optimistic and positive tip, and celebrate the unique elements that made working in a Kenmore-area brownstone a memorable experience.

Today - it's parking.

I have a love-hate relationship with parking here.

The hate component is far usurped by the love element.

Hate because when everyone is here in the office, we're stuffed in tandem spots, and often playing musical cars if people have to escape early or head somewhere midday.

Love because, well, there's free parking for us a block from Kenmore Square.

The trip via the T entails either a 15 minute walk to the red line, boarding an already stuffed train, transferring to the Green line, and arriving at work having stood for about 50 minutes straight, likely an uncomfortable, sweaty mess, or catching a bus to the red line and following the aforementioned process (substituting a 15 minute walk for a 5 minute wait for the bus). Having a parking spot here allows me to dump my car somewhere for free after a 15-25 minute drive in comfort.

It's also nice to know the building owners, and have somewhere to park for Red Sox games or evenings out in the area, not to mention my Spanish classes at Boston Language Institute if I resume those this year.

While I won't assume anything, I have a feeling that given my history with the building owners, I can probably continue parking here in the future.

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