Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Final Day in the Kenmore Office

Upon looking at my calendar again yesterday, I quickly realized that I was a day off. Perhaps it's the short week, or my general inability to keep days straight.

Today is our final day in the Kenmore office.

What I thought would be a victory lap around the Kenmore eateries this week has become a complete avoidance of them. Uburger, Boca Grande, Ankara Cafe - I think I've enjoyed my final Big Papi Burger, Chicken and Corn Tamales, and Chicken/Eggplant/Mozzarella/Red Pepper rollup at your respective establishments.

Yesterday, I went up to the Packard's Corner SuperCuts for likely my final haircut there (not because of their performance, but rather I can't see myself going out of the way to have my hair cut, and this ill now be out of my way).

Then, as usual, I hit up the Super 88 Food Court for lunch. I always love coming to this place - it's like a mini pan-Asian food court. Korean, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian - all present. I landed at Pho Viet once again, my favorite of the bunch, and ordered their Shrimp & Chicken Summer Rolls and Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with Vermicelli. I ate half of that for lunch, and the other half for dinner. If it wasn't so warm outside, I would have had a huge bowl of their delicious noodle soup.

The drive back to Kenmore, however, left much to be desired.

Comm Ave has become a war zone, scarred with orange barrels, potholes, and construction equipment. It's an eye sore, and has been for the entire two years I worked in Kenmore. Add that to the joke of a construction project that the city calls Kenmore Square, and you have a high-profile part of the city that has been unacceptable for so long.

If I went to Boston University and was in a 2-year Master's Program, my memory of the area surrounding my campus would be nothing but an eyesore and a headache. Way to leave some students such a distasteful image of Boston.

I will most certainly not miss this part of town.

20 minutes after navigating this nightmare, I was back at the office.

A midday drive from Packard's Corner to Kenmore should not take this long.

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