Thursday, May 29, 2008

My New Office

I had this odd illusion that today, the first day working from our new office in Braintree, I would be able to show up soon after the movers arrived with our stuff, sit at my new desk, fire up my laptop, and resume business as usual.

Instead, we arrived to an expansive new office in a beautiful complex, with freshly painted walls, and the old company's furniture neatly pushed to the center of each room.

See, we negotiated a deal with the old tenants to purchase their unwanted office furniture and possessions, which turned out to be practically everything.

The desks, bookcases, and cabinets are in usable condition. They're not new, they're not gross, but they are somewhere in between. Workable is the best way to describe everything.

But what amuses me is that our phone system hasn't been connected yet, nor our Internet, our authenticating server, and our office equipment.

Why did I assume that the infrastructure was going to be intact and ready-to-go?

Silly me!

The beauty of productivity in 2008 is that my laptop, cell phone, and wireless card are just about all I need to continue. A flat surface for my computer is also nice, but not necessary.

I'm not being critical about the situation. It's rather amusing to me.

Overall, the move is a good idea. More functional work space, a standard, usable environment, and I believe a shorter commute for me. This office is about 7 miles south of my home, pretty much a straight shot on I-93 to the South Shore Plaza exit.

It's a reverse commute that, barring accidents and unforeseen traffic, took me 13 minutes to drive from 6:12 to 6:25 this evening.

I have never made it back from Kenmore in 13 minutes.

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