Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Here it is, Memorial Day weekend, with Monday being our first official weekday off since New Year's Day. MLK...Patriot's Day...Presidents' Day - all work days for us where I work.

One year ago today, Brian and I woke up in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and later in the day made it to the end of the Great River Road in Louisiana.

For some reason, I had it in my mind that the GRR Trip began this weekend last year, and was going to post about today being the one year anniversary of the trip's beginning. But just as I was posting about that, it occurred to me that this weekend marked the trip's end, and one year ago we spent the weekend in New Orleans.

I remember thinking how our planning of the trip coincided poorly with the high gas prices of last summer. It's hard to believe that they are even higher this year.

So this weekend, I'm looking forward to spending time here in Boston, and most likely outside, as the weather here is supposed to be terrific.

Karin has a home inspection today at 4PM, and she asked me to join her, since it's right down the street from me AND the perfect excuse to get a jump on the holiday weekend.

My plan on Saturday is to hit up the Earth Day concert tomorrow at the Hatch Shell. Even though I posted about the poor decision to change the old WBOS to the "Radio 92.9" that's on right now, I think they were smart to hang on to the Earth Day concert, and they put together a lineup this year that looks great - Cake, Cracker, The BoDeans, and English Beat (or, as Ryan calls it, "an extremely boring afternoon of sitting on the ground listening to bands that were popular in the 90’s.") Needless to say, he's not coming.

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