Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cabinet Counter Top

The cabinet project continues. Yesterday, my granite counter top was installed.

I think it looks great!

The stone isn't a perfect match to the existing counter (it appears a touch darker), it's about 1/2 inch higher than the existing counter (because I had to install the cabinets atop the flooring, rather than install the flooring around the cabinets as the builders did), and the finished edge isn't 100% identical to the other counter top....but all very minor issues.

The vertical backsplash really illustrates the unevenness of the drywall. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the middle part of the wall is a good 1/2 inch from the granite!

So onward we go - next step is the slate tile, which should compensate for the bumpy wall (the tiles are, by design, of varying thicknesses). I would have ordered and received it by now, but ran into a couple snags at Tile Showcase.

1. They no longer carry the decorative trim that I need (so I have to hunt it down).
2. The staff there who helped me were unexpectedly unpleasant! Very strange. I literally walked into the Watertown showroom with a receipt from my last purchase there a few years ago, measurements of the cabinetry, and examples of what I needed to purchase.

Somehow during my brief visit there, I was referred to as "this guy" by the receptionist (minutes after giving her my name), given a calculator to calculate the square footage of the tile myself, and received an entirely unwelcoming vibe altogether. Very contrary to my last visit there in 2005. Perhaps I forgot to brush my teeth or something?

In all fairness, they did tell me who manufactured the line of trim that they no longer carried, and gave me their information to try to hunt down a local distributor.

So, I decided to try to seek out the trim line first and then figure out what to do with the tile. Ideally, I'd take my measly $200 tile order elsewhere, but that would require hunting down another local distributor of that same tile. A phone call to Tile Showcase would be much easier.

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