Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cool It Now

Holy mother of God, it's hot outside. Even the beaches of Southie - which were packed yesterday - seems too uncomfortable of any endeavor today.

Rosie figured out that her strenuous job of laying on the deck causes heavy panting in this heat. She's returned to the comfort of central air.

We're enjoying a day catching up on the things that just kind of get away from us during a busy week - folding the laundry, bringing stuff downstairs to the basement, cooking for the week - menial, everyday things.

I also have a plan to immerse myself in Apple's iLife software suite which came with my MacBook Pro. I love the simpleness of their iWeb software, and am thinking that will suit me just well in creating a new website for my mother's artwork.

She doesn't need anything fancy, just an interesting business card, basically. Of course, I have more grandiose ideas of including a blog, links everywhere, and running Google AdWords - but that would require time and some work on her part. She's still in the checking email, sending the occasional IM, and playing Poppit on AOL Games.

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