Monday, June 23, 2008

Endless Pile of Magazines

One of the side effects of having very few airplane trips of late is this pile of magazines.

It sits atop my kitchen counter or dining table, and I swear it's never ending. When I get backed up in reading them as I am right now, the pile just mounts higher and higher.

I subscribed to a bunch of magazines because they provided for excellent airplane and airport entertainment. Quick info, easy to carry, not too heavy, and they can be left on the airplanes or in the airports for another traveler to read.

And by purchasing annual subscriptions, I was saving a ton of cash from buying one-off issues for 5 bucks a pop on the news stand.

But now I'm left with the subscriptions coming in, and not much time to read them. It begins to feel like an obligation - almost as bad as when my DVR list fills up.

I swear, some days I receive 4 or 5 new issues. The postal carriers must hate me.

But I have begun to dismiss the necessity of reading all of these issues cover-to-cover. Skimming works just fine these days.

And of course, I always recycle them.

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