Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Locked Desk Drawer

When we moved into our new office digs in Quincy, we negotiated with the prior tenant, and elected to purchase all of their unwanted office furniture at a significant discount. While the furniture is not brand new, it's mostly in perfectly good condition, and very much in line with what one might expect to find in a standard office.

The desk in my office featured a set of three drawers that were locked, and we were without the key. I told Martin (our Controller who I have begun referring to as our Office Manager as well) about the locked drawers. He returned with some randomly discovered keys, none of which unlocked he lock.

I kept jokingly telling him that we would need to figure out a solution so I can get the tuna sandwich out of the locked drawers. In his Irish accent (that sounds angry yet is simply conversational), he kept telling me that there is no tuna sandwich in the drawers.

Fast forward to today. Martin walks in with a building maintenance person, and explains the locked drawers to him. Maintenance guy suggests that we simply drill out the lock, which works fine for me since I do not need to keep anything inside under lock and key.

A few quick minutes later, he drills out the lock. I open the drawers to find....

...as I suspected....

TUNA !!!

No, not a tuna sandwich. But rather cans of tuna. Cans that expired 03/06.

Yes, March 2006.

For lunch today, I packed a salad and a can of tuna from my kitchen cabinet.

That can expired 09/10, over two years after today.

So assuming that tuna has a shelf life of at least 2+ years, the can I discovered in my desk COULD have been placed there in 2003. Lord knows when the fish was actually caught.

Other highlights of my desk drawers include:

Cinnamon Apple Sauce
Crystal Light Drink Mix
A water gun
Instant oatmeal
A pattern to sew a poncho
Lipton Cup-a-Soup
Three tampons, unused
Bubble solution
Unused checks
Information about a newly (at the time) opened Target Credit Card
White-Out (yes, I sniffed it)
A bottle cap for a free 20 oz Pepsi or Mountain Dew

Naturally, I am planning to toss everything except for the bubbles. No need to throw out good bubbles.


Kathy said...

Oh my! That is some funny stuff !

I'd keep the bubbles and the water gun! : )

meg said...