Thursday, June 19, 2008

Huge Radish

Huge Radish, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Thursday is quickly becoming my favorite weekday.

Even more so than Friday.


Because Thursday is vegetable pickup day in Jamaica Plain. My box share at The Food Project is in week #3 right now, and every week keeps getting better. It's almost like a surprise each week (today I received their email describing the contents of the box before picking it up, unlike the past two weeks).

When I arrive home with my produce box each week, I simply have to taste a bit of everything. Much of it was harvested just hours before I sample it.

Today we received two enormous heads of Boston lettuce, a bunch of chard, more scallions than I know what to do with, a small summer squash, and these radishes.

One of them was simply the largest radish I have ever seen. While I realize that large radishes exist somewhere, none have ever appeared in my mini cello radish bags (that the produce snob in me can't bare to purchase now!)

While I was preparing my sauteed chard, scallions, and pac choi (an Asian green, good in stir-fry, and still fresh from last week's box), I munched on the Huge Radish, saving the radish greens for a salad tomorrow.

It was spicy, crunchy, and tender. All around, a delicious huge radish.

Funny how a box of locally grown produce can change my mood. Maybe it's psychological. Maybe I'm nuts. But it's certainly a check in the "good for you" column that I'm doing this.

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