Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Boring Blog

Last night, Jamen commented that this blog has become boring.

I admit it, I haven't had all that much to say recently. Nothing snarky, nothing observant, nothing nasty, no veto list additions, no more Southie turkeys, no more phone books, no irritating bicyclists, and no travel stories.

It has been a bit of a lull, hence photos of large radishes.

With routine comes predictability. My life lately has been far more routine that in any time in the recent past.

Drives to the office are generally uneventful (less an overturned truck hauling gravel). Stories of what I do all day at work aren't too thrilling, as my day involves lots of spreadsheets, surveys, meetings, calls, and what might be classified as standard employment activities (plus, I make a conscious effort not to write anything inappropriate on here about my job or co-workers - that would be unnecessary and unwise).

But that brings me to a question posed by my friend Dan once on his far more entertaining blog Surgical Strikes - just who exactly do I blog for?

As much as I wish I could say I blog for myself, I no longer do. Part of my enjoyment in keeping this site is seeing how others find it - links, searches, random people stumbling across it - and realizing that others indeed use Platinum Elite for entertainment and information.

Over time, with a large body of postings, more and more people land here. Google and Yahoo think my posts and photos are relevant to queries, because they send tons of people to the site. Perhaps there is useful info amidst my posts, shrouded in the form of my opinions and reader comments.

And while most recent posts might induce yawning, the beauty of maintaining a blog is that people land on past postings all the time. Just this morning, I approved two comments referencing my canceling XM Radio and the unrequested sugar in my Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

So here's to my finding value in the mundane. It's now summertime. The livin's easy.

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