Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busted By the Lady Who Cut My Hair

I went for a well-needed haircut after work today, and was SO busted by the hair stylist.

Her, scissor cutting hair atop my head:
"You hair is all different lengths. Did you cut this yourself?"

Me, sheepishly:
"I will neither confirm nor deny that"

"You did, didn't you!!"

Me, embarrassed:
"I might have trimmed up a bit since my last haircut"

My hair grows like a Q-Tip - outward, Chia Pet style. Sometimes I like to trim the sides and back to keep things tidy between haircuts. Sometimes I'm also tempted by the hair-cutting scissors that came with the electric razor kit that it's very difficult not to want to use them.

So, I did. And I created uneven hair atop my head, which didn't even occur to me until today's professional cut.

I did admit to one other foible. I even showed her this photo, as it was taken with my iPhone by Jamen when we drove to Maine to pick up his puggle puppy. He noticed a spot in the back of my head where the hair was down to the scalp.

Not the yellow no-hair spot (that's been there for decades). The red one.

Yes, I must have slipped. And I have been walking around with a hole shaved into hair on the back of my head for a few weeks ago.

While I stopped caring about it about 15 minutes after he pointed it out, I would have never known had he not said something.

But, none of this will deter me from between-haircuts selfcuts.

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Kathy said...

Oh that is too funny!!!! : )