Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Plug It In

What a process getting started at work has become:

1. Open laptop
2. Plug in secondary external monitor cable
3. Plug in network cable
4. Plug in power
5. Plug iPhone into USB
6. Plug 1/8" mini jack into iPhone so I can listen to music through my desktop radio
7. Login to work email
8. Login to Gmail
9. Login in iChat
10. Login to Skype
11. Login to Salesforce.com
12. Login to email marketing software
13. Login to survey software

I swear I spend 5-10 minutes just launching applications and plugging stuff in.


The Fuz said...

At least it doesn't take 10 minutes just for your computer to boot up, then another 6 or 7 for your email to download (which of course you can't do anything else because it pretty much freezes your computer) and you can actually chat on Skype without your computer crashing. I think I need a new computer.

Anonymous said...

New thought. You guys should come to DC when I run the marathon.