Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Purple Shirt

Tax free shopping weekend in Massachusetts - I figured it would be the perfect time to pick up some more shirts and pairs of shorts.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that clothing is always tax-free in Massachusetts. Kind of defeats the point of today's shopping (not to mention that the weather was absolutely stunning, so I certainly didn't want to spend the entire day indoors).

So we left early, and headed out to the Atrium and Chestnut Hill Malls.

First stop - J. Crew.

I purchased a purple shirt. This one. Technically, it's "deep garnet."

I believe it's now the only piece of purple clothing I own. I do remember back in high school, owning a pair of purple socks for some reason. Back then it was (arguably) fashionable to match socks with t-shirts, and the colors of the late 80's and early 90's weren't exactly of a neutral palette. Hence, the purple socks.

I don't think any of my friends were too keen on my color choice.

Ryan called me Barney.

I was thinking it was more like Grimace.

Upon seeing pictures of them, though, the shirt appears to match neither skin (fur?) color of these two lovable creatures.

After J. Crew, we crossed the street to Bloomingdale's, the land of $200 jeans. Some of the price tags there are simply absurd. But I have found a decent price point of some items with Polo / Ralph Lauren. Their jeans and long-sleeved t-shirts fit me well, and today I bought a couple pairs of cargo shorts that fit great.

I also bought a Lacoste shirt. They had a few perfect colors, and the dark heather grey one that I ultimately picked actually turned out to be marked down when I arrived at the register (what I thought was an $82 shirt turned out to be $24.99). This was the second consecutive time this happened at Bloomingdale's. In April, I bought a pair of jeans that were $112, marked down from $145. At the register, they rung up as $34.99, so I immediately grabbed the other pair they had in my size. Two for less than one!

Regarding the Lacoste shirt, I ended up buying the wrong size (Lacoste uses single numbers for their shirt sizes, so a medium is a 5, and a large is a 6). I thought large was 7, so that's what I now have. When I came home, I saw that my other Lacoste shirt was a 6. But the beauty of polo shirts and a dryer is that they shrink.


Kathy said...

Is your deep garnet shirt feeling a bit left out without a preppy lacoste alligator?! : )

Jason said...

No, not at all actually! I prefer skipping logos, but Lacoste shorts fit well so I am fine with theirs!