Friday, August 15, 2008

Witnessed a Crime

Wow - what a day to work from home!

Around 12:30 I hear a car screeching its brakes, then hear an incredibly loud smash. I look out my side windows to see a white guy running up the side street next to my building.

Not a second later, I hear sirens.

A chase is on!

I looked to where the car had crashed, and it smashed into a BMW X5 parking along the side of the road, and the car itself had smashed into the front of a building. There was glass, debris, and curious neighbors everywhere (it is Southie, after all...)

My inquiring mind went looking for info - seems that this guy was driving BACKWARDS down East 8th St. as he evaded police. Seems he tried to buy dope from an undercover cop.

This idiot almost killed a woman who was getting something out of the passenger side of her car, totaled a car, and destroyed the front of a residential building.


The Fuz said...


I enjoy your "poor judgment" label. No kidding! hahaha

Casey V. said...

so the million dollar question: do you know if they caught the guy?!

Kathy said...


Seriously though you could be a crime scene photographer!

Jason said...

I believe they did catch him, actually. But I've heard two accounts - one that they caught three guys and the fourth got away, the other that there was one guy and they did catch knows?!