Friday, August 15, 2008

Southie Slugs

Southie has been invaded by slugs.

I see them everywhere. Well, maybe not EVERYWHERE, but certainly on the streets leading up toward Thomas Park.

A few weeks ago, I was downstairs in our building's patio, searching for a ring in the dark of night (it was dropped off of my deck). Armed with my maglite flashlight, I shined it across the ground and came across a piece of organic matter that was being devoured by no fewer that twelve slugs.

It was a slug coterie. At my house.

Yesterday, I found this slug crossing the sidewalk, by far the largest slug I have seen yet in Southie. It had to have been five inches long.

I find these slugs strangely fascinating. They don't move quickly, and I'm able to stare at them without the risk of attack.


Anonymous said...

S-A-L-T! Salt, salt, salt!

Kathy said...


Who knew there were slugs in the city!

: )