Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Clean Button on a Self-Cleaning Oven

Usually, I'm excellent at noticing changes to things that I see regularly - objects that have been moved, new additions to a room, that kind of thing.

Scout's Honor - I have lived in my current dwelling for over five years now, and never have noticed the button marked "Clean" on my stove's console.

I keep a pretty tidy living space. When my parents came to visit for the first time, my father said that everything looked like a catalog.

But this "Clean" button simply evaded me. I certainly never pushed it.

On Saturday night, along with some delicious pulled pork barbecue prepared by Jamen's sister-in-law, we dined on a few sides, including Tater Tots.

I put them on two cookie sheets and onto the bottom rack of my oven. Maybe twelve minutes into the baking cycle, something smelled like it was burning. I brushed it off to the residue that collected on the bottom of the oven. (It turned out to be that AND the bottom of the Tater Tots)

"Why don't you clean your oven?" someone asked.

"Yeah, I should really do that," I responded.

"Your oven is self-cleaning."

"It is?"

"That's what that button 'Clean' does. What else do you think it did?"

Well, good question. Logic wins again.

So last night after dinner, I decided to try out this mystical "Clean" feature. I can safely say that I have never used this function on a self-cleaning oven, such as the one I appear to own.

I removed the racks and let the oven do its thing. The door was automatically locked, the oven became hotter and hotter, and my kitchen smelled of slightly noxious fumes.

I let Rosie sit on the deck so I didn't poison her.

But after a couple of hours, everything was turned to an easy-to-remove ash, and I now possess an oven that looks like this.

What a magical process. How could I have never noticed this before?


Brian said...

Good: removing the racks before self-cleaning.

Bad: self-cleaning in summer. High A/C bills. Do it in winter. At least, you'll benefits from the additional electical cost...in heat.

Jason said...

Yeah, once I had begun the process, I read more about it online and learned that it's best to self-clean after having used the oven, since the temperature already would have been elevated. Next time I self clean in five years, it will be in the wintertime...good idea!

Tracie said...

Well my oven is exactly the same as the one in the picture. I, also didn't know what that button was for until I told a friend that I was cleaning my oven. She replied "don't you use the self clean button"? I felt such a fool especially having spent $$$ on cleaning products.

So I still haven't pressed the button but intend to tomorrow!