Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Friday

Today is my Friday, as tomorrow is my first of a few pre-planned long weekends. I'm very excited about this.

I am, however, going to have to challenge myself to avoid email tomorrow. It's way too easy to click on the icon and start replying to emails. That defeats the purpose of a day off.

I can't sleep in, though, as Rosie was an appointment at the beauty parlor at 8am. Her nails are way too long, and she could use a bath.

While she's there, I might hit the gym to kill some time waiting. I have an appointment myself scheduled for 2pm, but it's at a different establishment that focuses less on canines.

Maybe I'll catch a movie. It's been forever since I have been, and I'd like to check out Pineapple Express. Depends on the weather, I suppose.

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