Friday, August 08, 2008

15 Things To Do on My Day Off

Well, it's my day off, and I'm in such a good mood.

I resolved a number of issues at work yesterday, and while I have a few job-related things to take care of over the weekend, I decided that the remainder of today will be computer-free after this posting. I might twitter a few times, but that's it. My co-workers know my cell phone number if need be.

So the plans for today have already begun:

1. Long morning walk with Rosie - check

2. Drop off Rosie at the groomer's - check (two birds, one stone when the long walk ends AT the groomer's storefront!)

3. See the Southie Turkey yet again (yawn).

4. Laundry -'s in the dryer

The rest of the day looks like this:

5. Go downstairs and retrieve all tile installation equipment and tools

6. Run to grocery store to pick up olive oil (I have an INSANE amount of basil from last week's and this week's vegetable box pickups, and I plan to make pesto and freeze it).

7. Fold laundry

8. Pick up Rosie at 11am

9. Drop off Rosie, head into the Back Bay for some shopping. I haven't purchased any clothes in a while, and I'm thinking some end-of-summer or back-to-school deals might be floating around there

10. 2pm pedicure. Yes, pedicure. Why not?

11. Head to Home Depot to return a light switch, purchase thin set adhesive, and look at power tools to counteract my pedicurial emasculation.

12. Pick up Nate, my friend / tiling project manager. He helped with the first tile job, because his family owned a tile shop and, well, he really wanted to. A good friend to have when needing to tile.

13. Begin backsplash around 6pm.

14. Finish applying tile and cleaning up by 9pm (hopefully)

15. Grab dinner and welcome the weekend!


steph said...

Three hours to start, complete, and clean-up the tile? Really?

Jason said...

Well, it was just the tile application, not the grouting or sealing/color enhancement.

But, we did get it done it just over 3 hours! Started around 6:45, finished around 10 !!