Sunday, August 10, 2008

Water from the Ceiling, Part II

For the second time this year, a ceiling above me has rained.

Thankfully, unlike in April, this time a laptop was not beneath the source of the water. Having two laptops fry in four months on account of water from a ceiling would have been inexplicable.

I was grouting the slate tile backsplash (with my hands...probably not the preferred method, but it worked for me) when Ryan dropped by and quickly noticed a water drip emanating from the light fixture above my countertop.


I ran upstairs and knocked on my upstairs neighbor's door, but he wasn't home. I tried calling him, but got voice mail.

Plan B.

I have his key.

Being the trustee, I have keys for all of our units for situations just like this. I went inside and saw a huge puddle of water in front of his dishwasher.

Problem diagnosed. That was easy.

I turned off his dishwasher and soaked up all of the water.

Problem solved. Temporarily.

It seems that his dishwasher is no longer draining, and the water was pooling up in the bottom pan and then overflowing onto his floor and then into my home.

So now, I have a water spot on my ceiling, which I'm hoping will dry.

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