Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monster Petunias

In the back-porch battle between the Petunias and the Marigolds, we have a winner.

The Petunias took over the magic pot, smothering the marigolds, rendering them shriveled, dried remnants of the former living selves.

Why is this particular pot magic?

Because whenever I grow plants in this pot, they become monsters. Last year, I threw a few begonia bulbs into it, and after a difficult start due to some hungry and pesky birds and/or squirrels, the begonias grew unwieldy, crooked stalks drooping far below the pot's lip.

This year, it's the petunias.

When I planted all of the flowers, both species were about the same height. But marigolds are pretty limited - when you buy them in the store, that's pretty much it. I did not realize that petunias had the potential to gain some major height during their growing seasons.


Janice Harms said...

I don't know if your balcony has space for hanging baskets, but petunias also do well in those.

Kathy said...

Great color!!

I saw a hummingbird checking ours out this past weekend! : )

Keep your eyes open..if there are turkeys in Southie there could be hummingbirds too!