Friday, August 01, 2008

Southie Turkey Redux - Yawn

What was once a novelty - almost an anomaly - has become mundane.

"Oh look, there's the Southie turkey again."


It saddens me to think this. Just two months ago, The Southie Turkey drew crowds of gawkers, all staring at this gobbler out of water - a monster bird brazenly prancing around the neighborhood.

While I must admit that it's still weird to have an avian buddy that I would expect to live in a wooded area or on a farm, it's no longer noteworthy.

"Yep, we have a turkey. See him all the time"

Two Fridays ago, walking Rosie up to Thomas Park - there's the turkey.

Driving home from work - turkey on G Street

Call from Jamen - "I went to go walk Riley and I couldn't leave the house because the turkey was right on my stoop"

Walk up East 7th - turkey

Walk along Columbia Road yesterday morning - turkey chillin' on the grass.

Even Rosie has turned her attention to the more exciting activity of munching on grass during her walks.

I mean, I'm not wishing the turkey ill will, nor do I hope a neighbor will capture and consume it for Thanksgiving this year. We welcome the turkey into our fold. It adds character to Southie. You can stay.

But if it's strutting around looking to garner attention, well, been there done that.

Bring on the pheasant.


Anonymous said...

The turkey even has a Facebook page.

Kathy said...

Gobble Gobble hey! That's a great scribble!