Saturday, August 30, 2008

Enormous Cruise Ship

Enormous Cruise Ship, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Driving home from New York, I usually take The Pike all the way to Exit 25 for the Southie Waterfront, and then navigate my way into my part of the neighborhood. It's always a scenic end to the journey, complete with ocean breezes.

Driving across Summer Street, right after the bend where it turns into L Street, I saw this giant cruise ship.

It's the Caribbean Princess out of Hamilton, Bermuda.

I don't think it's the largest that has been docked at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, but it's certainly the biggest one I have ever seen there.

This photo doesn't do the ship justice. Standing on the bridge to take this picture, I was in awe of the boat's presence. It's far taller than the Boston Design Center Building (in the front background). Simply a massive vessel.

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