Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Exuding Manly - The Axe Shower Detailing Tool

Over the weekend, I fell victim to the marketing muscle that is AXE.

I see their products advertised in magazines and on TV all the time - body spray, shower gel, and the item that I purchased - the Axe Detailer Shower Tool.

Why not? I was shopping at Target, the land of unnecessary impulse buys.

Now this thing isn't and ladies' loofah. It's a man device. It's a scrubber that won't emasculate a dude while using it.

No sissy sensitive shower gel applicator. It's basically, a loofah inside of a tire, and it's supposed to make guys feel more manly while using it.

Girls don't use loofahs in tires. Men do.

OK, so it's all a bit silly. I think the device itself is amusing - throw a black loofah inside of a black rubber sheath, add a red scrubber pad - and watch out. This this looks dangerous. It looks masculine. It's no pastel-colored girly loofah.

Throw it in the male marketing machine.

The only problem is that the pastel-colored girly loofah that I have is much more comfortable.

I have learned to turn the half-tire inside out and grab its edges while using the macho loofah. During the in-shower usage, however, the half-tire tends to rub against my skin at times, even while turned inside out.

I might feel more manly for owning this shower tool, but I much prefer my girly loofah.

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Kathy said...

The black and red colors look scary to me! I'll stick with my girly loofah too. : )