Sunday, September 07, 2008

Car Alarm - License Plate MA JAMANU

I have decided to institute a zero-tolerance policy with unattended car alarms within ear shot of my home.

If it's an unreasonable hour - after 10pm or early morning - and I'm near my camera, I'm uploading license plate photos here. I don't know what that will do, but perhaps if the car owners / douchebags themselves happen to see photos of their precious vehicles published here or elsewhere, they might think twice about how a blaring car alarm in a densely-populated residential neighborhood is a nuisance to many.

This morning's perpetrator is the owner of this Mazda MPV, license plate JAMANU. Your alarm went off once just after 6am on a Sunday morning, and once again around 8:20.

While I was up early for a very retro morning (buying the Sunday Globe and going to Mul's Diner...two things I hadn't done it eons), I'm sure many of my neighbors were attempting to sleep in.

Were, being the operative word.

I'd be a tiny touch more tolerant if you were a Southie resident, but given that there is no residential sticker on your car, I'm assuming you are not.


Jasper said...

Good for you. The city ought to consider banning them. They're really pretty useless because absolutely NOBODY in a city picks up a phone to report a car theft in progress. An ignition lock alone should be sufficient.

Kathy said...

I cracked up laughing when I saw this!! Good for you!

Plus...really who would want to steal a Mazda?

Brooke said...

hehe... very funny

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