Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Trip to BJ's Wholesale Club

I'm happy to report that I made it out of BJ's Wholesale on Saturday with a bill under $200.

In fact, it was just over $150, and would have been south of that mark if it weren't for an impulse tub of cashews, which are delicious.

Most of what I purchased this time was necessary. Paper towels, G2 (along with Vitamin Water, G2 is my new favorite drink), Gillette Fusion razors (while $40 for 14 of them seems pricey, the drugstores usually sell 4 of them for $14-$15), dishwasher liquid, AA batteries, and a few other items. Considering the fact that I was not the driver, I also saved a few bucks on gas.

When I was looking at my BJ's card, I realized that my one-year membership is almost up, which got me thinking about the first time that I posted about a trip to BJ's last November during which I purchased 14 bars of Dove soap and a huge can of peanuts.

Well, almost a year later, I still have some of those peanuts, and at least 10 bars of Dove. The offer remains. Moisturizing soap for anyone who wants some....

Items purchased at these wholesale clubs sometimes seem to last forever. I remember when I first moved to my place in Southie five years ago, my very first trip after my closing was to Sam's Club. To this day, five years later, I still have some plastic Solo cups from that trip, another factoid I remembered just as I was about to spend $10 on a mass quantity of more Solo cups this past weekend.

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