Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chain Barrier on Boston Waterfront

Chain Barrier, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Opening the door to let Rosie hang on the deck this morning caused the September chill to rush in and put a big smile on my face.

I love the fall.


Back to school (yeah...I know), leaves changing, football, World Series, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, New Year's, and a brand new year soon behind.

Autumn ushers out the current year, and gets us ready for the next one.

I took this photo from where we usually catch the boat to Spectacle Island, one of our favorite not-to-secret-anymore summer haunts in the city. Unless Indian Summer hits one of the next few weekends - which is quite likely - the trips to the Boston Harbor Island are probably done for the season.

This shot reminds me of those warmer summer days past, wearing a tank top, waiting for the next ship, camera in hand, and bottles of wine in cooler.


Casey said...

i also LOVE fall/winter and cold weather. we're still pretty warm down here but when i told a colleague the other day that i couldn't wait for it to get cold, she gave me a look like i was insane. i guess being in the south, it's a locational sin to say that...? i sometimes think i'd be cut out for living a little further north. i actually get upset when it's NOT subzero and when it doesn't snow...

Kathy said...

That's a great photo! : )