Monday, September 22, 2008

Male Bathroom Efficiency

The Men's Room at my office is mere steps away from my desk. 30 feet to the back door, and the bathroom is another 5 feet from there in the outside corridor.

Give the amount of coffee and water I drink during a typical work day, I'd say that I average 4 trips there each day.

The Women's Room is all the way on the other end of the building. Down the hall, past the elevator, down one more corridor, and there you are.

Men usually take less time in the bathroom than women do, assuming nothing else but a quick pee and hand washing. It's just easier and quicker at the urinals than it is with toilets.

So, doing the quick math, let's say that I save 1 minute for each trip out of sheer biological efficiency, and another 2 minutes per trip that I don't have to walk to and from a bathroom far from my desk.

That's 3 minutes per trip x 4 trips per day = 12 minutes saved per day x 5 workdays per week = 1 hour saved per workweek x 48 workweeks (accounting for vacation / sick / holiday time) = 48 hours per year

So, according to this math, guys in my office work a full 48 hours more than women do. That's basically a full additional week or work.

I think all men in my office should campaign for 1 more week of vacation to account for this discrepancy.

I also think that my logic will be quite unpopular to any female readers of this blog.


r. said...

don't forget to minus the hour or so that most men take when they take the newspaper with them! HA!

Kathy said...

Oh my!! LOL! : )