Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Diet

After a weekend of flag football and a workout on Monday, somehow I managed to injure myself brushing my teeth yesterday. It's one of those stupid muscle aches, where I feel a knot on the right side of where my neck meets my back. I think I turned to the right a bit too quickly, or my neck was in the wrong position, or I was breathing. Who knows. Being that I'm knocking on the 34 door, I fully anticipate more aches and pains from simply going about my everyday business.

I just popped an Aleve, a drug I have heretofore always skipped, and I'm already feeling better. I love magic pills.

I have begun a new diet today that feels very much like a modified version of Atkins. While dropping a few pounds would be very excellent, this diet was Mike's idea, not mine. I don't even know what it's called. All I know is he told me to pick between 15 and 30 foods from this list on some website to which he subscribed, and next thing I know, I have a menu of 4 meals per day for the next 11 days.

Why not, right?

I will be eating plenty of vegetables, meats, cottage cheese, nuts, and fruit. I'm staring at this mass quantity of apples, pears, oranges, bananas, and grapes on my counter top. There's also a pineapple in the background.

Today's breakfast was sausage. That's it. I could have had bacon as well, but opted for just the breakfast links.

My remaining meals today are very protein rich.

#2 - turkey slices and ham slices
#3 - chicken, hard boiled eggs, and orange slices
#4 - roast beef slices, pinto beans, and cashews

I believe tomorrow is some strange fruit-only day (except for a sandwich).

Diets and gym are easier to maintain with someone else sharing the pain, so that's the plan here. 11 days of pre-determined meals, then 3 days of eating anything, then back on the 11 day schedule (during which I can alter the contents of those meals). Repeat. Rinse.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck on the new diet! Just out of the curiosity, how many lbs does the website say one would drop from the diet? ex. the end point result such as #lbs/certain time period?

Jason said...

Thanks! Honestly..I have no idea how many pounds. Maybe 8 pounds in 11 days? Maybe 11 in 11? I can tell that predetermined meals are already working, as it makes me much more cognizant of what I'm eating and going to eat.

Kathy said...

Good luck on your diet!! : )

Also...I like your countertops!