Thursday, September 25, 2008

Riley the Puggle

Riley the Puggle, originally uploaded by southiejason.

Usually I upload photos from my camera into iPhoto soon after I take them, but this morning I realized that I hadn't uploaded pics in a while.

Last week, Jamen invited me over for dinner. In exchange, I told him that I would bring my camera and take some pics of his puggle puppy Riley that we picked up in Maine about two months ago.

It's amazing how this dog and this dog's personality have changed. I recall this tiny little thing, sitting on Jamen's lap in the back seat, sleeping for most of the drive back.

Fast forward to today, and Riley is a yippy bundle of energy - a typical puppy. But it's funny to see how she interacts with other dogs. It seems that Chris' dog Sam does NOT like Riley, probably because Riley spends most of her time jumping up and down in Sam's face.

Rosie seems indifferent, but does turn to me every so often with this look on her face that speaks volumes, something like "uh, why is this THING leaping up in my face? I keep turning away and she keeps following me. Let's go back inside." One of those looks.

So between last week and this past Sunday, there are now many quite adorable dog pics on my MacBook. I like this one because of Riley's facial expression - it's a cross between staring at a treat or thinking she has been naughty (I think Jamen was simply getting her attention).


Jamen said...

Awww Jason, thanks for the blog! Thats my girl!

Kathy said...

WOW! What a gorgeous puppy! Look at the coloring! Cute face! : )

Casey said...

did jamen tell you your blog sucks too, so you put this post up in hopes he'd get off your back...? that's what i was thinking about doing - darn.

Jason said...

No, I don't think he did say that (recently). I just had lots of doggie pics from last week, and some of them were quite adorable.

Wait, he told you that you blog sucks? How rude of him!