Monday, September 15, 2008

My Corner. The Hot Corner.

My street corner seems to attract a lot of attention these days, especially this evening.

Just about a month after a coincidental work-from-home-come-crime-witness afternoon, I arrived home today, followed soon after by two ambulances, one of which parked on the sidewalk corner outside of my house.

Like the, um, interested Southie resident that I am (word choice of interested, most certainly not nosey), I surveyed the scene for information. No gurneys. No blood. No noticeable injuries. I was running late for the gym, so I simply went on my way.

Fast forward a few hours to 9:30 pm. Me, having finished dinner, dishwasher unloaded, checking email, sitting on the couch, watching WWE RAW (in other words, a standard Monday night), I notice flashing lights outside and hear sirens.

Great. Now what?

Sure enough, two fire engines come roaring to a halt outside on my building.

At the hot corner.

Rosie and I went out to the back deck for a better view. Firemen were sauntering up the same side street that I saw the criminal run up just a month ago. I couldn't tell what they were looking for, so of course I figured the worst (gun-toting psycho firestarter looking for his next target).

I decided that the deck wasn't yielding enough info, and I needed to put myself into the fray. I brought Rosie inside (against her will - things were far too exciting for a boring kitchen floor), and ran downstairs.

I spoke with the first fireman who I saw. While he seemed less than excited to speak with a civilian like me, he did offer up the information that someone called in an odor of smoke. I was advised to check my building (by my neighbor), which I did. No smoke, no smell.

For a few minutes longer, I waited downstairs in my shorts and t-shirt, apparently ready to pitch in if need be(?!) One fireman concluded that someone in the neighborhood was probably using a meat smoker and the wind was blowing in this direction (uh..sure, OK).

Cops, ambulances, and now fire engines. I'm assuming all that is left is the National Guard.


Kathy said...

Do you really watch Monday Night Raw?! LOL

: )

Jason said...

Of course! Every Monday for 15 years!

Kathy said...

I'm guessing you aren't the average wrestling fan though...or else I wouldn't still be reading! : )