Friday, September 26, 2008

Pleasure in the Misery of Others

Why was I so smugly satisfied when I saw some dude sprinting down the street at 8:30am in business attire, clearly about to head to work?

He was running toward his car.

His car, resplendent with orange warning sticker-of-seizure as issued by the City of Boston, was attached to a tow truck, and being removed from a residential parking spot where it sat between two other parked vehicles.

I shouldn't take pleasure in other people's misery. But sometimes it's warranted.

I don't know what he did to cause a parking official to seize his car, but am assuming it has something to do with what he hasn't done (i.e. pay his parking tickets, perhaps?) Yes, this could be an unfortunate misunderstanding for this guy.

But, while assumptions with incomplete information are dangerous, I'm going to ignore caution and assume that it's not.


While my car has never been towed (knock on wood), I have received a few tickets. Not many in my time in Boston, but a few - maybe 4 or 5 in seven years. When I get a ticket, either I pay it or contest it as accordance with the rules established by City Hall.

I don't ignore parking tickets.


Anonymous said...

you are an asshole and karma is a bitch

Anonymous said...

maybe his car was towed due to construction. you were hoping it wouldnt happen to you earlier in your blog. would you have liked someone laughing at you if your car had been towed improperly?

Jason said...

Anonymous #1 - It sure is, and sometimes...yes I am.

Anonymous #2 - I was laughing on the inside. And no, construction was nowhere nearby. Thanks for giving me credit for being aware of my neighborhood.

Kathy said...

Whoa! Mean spirited comments! (you even allowed them with your approval option?)

Jason, you are better than me..I would've been laughing on the outside!

This post would've been better with a PHOTO! : )

Oh the joys of parking in the city...

Jason said...

Kathy - yeah, in the past I haven't approved nasty comments, but these just amused me. And, I was late with the trigger with a pic from my iPhone, as the light changed and I had a car behind me!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jason when did you up the rating on this site? Heh, I always thought this blog site is rated PG or PG-13, now is rated R (very strong language and strong violence)! I guess someone really take your blog way too serious (not that is a bad thing), and sometimes is good to spice things up alittle !!! I totally agree that everyone has the right to express what they think, but just have to drop the karma thing, because it is so Sharon stone!!!