Saturday, September 27, 2008

Redux - Pleasure in the Misery of Others

I should clarify my posting from yesterday, as I noticed some traffic from Universal Hub (who used an awesome term - schadenfreude - that I fully admit was heretofore unfamiliar to me) and a few anonymous commenters at U-Hub and at this site proclaiming their dislike for me.

While I find much cowardice in anonymously slamming someone, sometimes it's warranted. Sometimes it's amusing. To each his own. Call me an a-hole if you wish. I don't know you.

So with that, I retract nothing from yesterday's post. Again, fully aware that I don't have the full story and that it's unfair to pass judgment, the fact that this car was being seized from a non-handicapped, non-construction, non-fire hydrant, non-moving truck, non-fire lane, non-anything-but-a-typical-resident-parking-spot, the owner probably did something to cause this.

It would be one thing if I was laughing at a lady who just had her purse snatched, or an upset child who just dropped his ice cream, or a guy who injured himself on the basketball court.

This is simply being amused that someone skirting the law has been caught. I am all about paying my taxes, insuring my vehicle properly, and paying my fines if they occur. People who DON'T do this SHOULD be penalized, and I stand firmly behind that.

To me, when law breakers are caught, that's satisfying.

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