Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Facebook Rules and Etiquette

After months, if not years, of fighting it...I have joined Facebook.

I can now see how addictive this site can be.

I'm still navigating the waters by attempting to master the basics (i.e. I think I get what a Wall now is), but I have managed to do the following correctly:

  • Search for friends in my email contacts for multiple email accounts
  • Upload a ton of photos of me, me with friends, and Rosie the Dog
  • Write on someone's Wall
  • Proclaim what I'm doing "right now"
  • Integrate my Flickr and Platinum Elite feeds
  • Delete comments from my wall
I am a bit afraid of Facebook, though.  It keeps finding people from my past and showing me their thumbnails.

Facebook etiquette is an area I still need to figure out.  Questions linger:

  • What is appropriate friending?  If it's a person I "may know," but I person I "may not have thought of in 20 years," am I supposed to invite them to be my friend?
  • If someone I haven't thought of in 20 years invites me to be his/her friend, but I don't want to be, what do I do?  Would that be the final nail in the coffin of a relationship that I believed ended during the Reagan or Clinton years?
  • Do people like to be poked?
  • Do people keep wall comments clean?
  • Should I tag my photos that feature other people with their first and last names? (Meghan, no offense for deleting my name tag on one of your photos.  It was not a flattering picture of me!)
Everyone else on Facebook (i.e. the rest of the world), please be nice to me.  I'm a newbie.


meg said...

heheheh. i will clear all pics through you in the future:) personally, i think you should go down the road of allowing all high school and elementary school friends in as "friends" even if you only vaguely remember the name. Why? Because it is HYSTERICAL. SO many people from high school/ junior high are on for me now...and they are all scanning insanely old pics in. Also, it is amusing to see where people who were class clowns or whatever, are doing in their thirties:)

On etiquette...try this dear bf, who is rash, got mad at me and did not realize things get broadcast to he severed our relationship link (he showed me he was mad!) and EVERYONE was informed we had ended our relationship. LOL. so, that is one way to learn....

Kathy said...

I don't really get Facebook or MySpace for that matter. I guess I consider a friend someone I actually communicate with irl instead of a social networking site. Do I need to know what someone i haven't seen in 10 years is doing throughout the day? NOPE!

Wow! That was a complete rant!